2 new comment-like characters in Python to aid development?

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Fri Mar 9 12:08:35 CET 2007

> Well I'm not a big fan of decorators so I know how you must feel. But
> # FIXME + a hack doesn't seem clean to me. And commenting off the
> bottom half of a long script with triple quotes is ugly and a pain and
> you can't indicate multiple alternate halt points as in the 'tutorial
> script' example I gave.

It's not a hack. Without an IDE, there won't be support for that anyway -
after all, you're about to highlight blocks and the like, how is that
supposed to work?

And besides that - you might not _like_ decorators, but they do have a
semantic. Just inserting "random" characters into the source code that one
has to overread doesn't make any sense, it just clutters the code.

With an proper IDE, you could make that tagging of yours bound to a simple
keystroke, and the IDE could store the tagging information separately. E.g.
eric3 offers some bookmark features, I presume something like your proposal
would be possible, too.


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