help with radionbutton

Sang Park godsknight07 at
Tue Mar 27 06:51:51 CEST 2007

how do I select radionbutton by default?
for my school project, I need to have 10 radio buttons and have half  
of them selected
I have
for i in range(10):
	x = IntVar()
	if i < 5:
		rb = Radiobutton(buttonFrame, variable=x, value=1,state=DISABLED)	
		rb = Radiobutton(buttonFrame, variable=x, value=0,state=DISABLED)	

I tried x.set(1) or x.set(0) before or after but the all seem to be  
deselected when displayed on the screen
I also tried calling but that doesn't seem to  
work either...
can anyone help me?

Sang Park
lordofthefobs at

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