Swig Problem string&

Amitabh Saikia saikia at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 08:56:20 CET 2007


  I have created a simple function called  'addTheString(string& str,
string appstr)' and the intension
  is to append the 'appstr' to 'str' and use 'str'.

  I tried swigging this method. My swigtest.i file is okay as I think
I have added both
     - stl.i at top
     - std_string.i

   However, I am running into the problem. I get error messages as follows

   -- error --
  TypeError: argument number 1: a 'std::string&' is expected,
   -- end error --

  I tried the mailing list solution posted by Mr. Chiang, but its not
helping me.
  Could you please help me out.

- amitabh

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