call to function by text variable

ianaré ianare at
Mon Mar 26 00:36:26 CEST 2007

yeah the subject doesn't really make sense does it?

anyway want I want to do is this:
if n == 1:

    self.operations.insert(pos, operations.Replace.Panel(self, main))

elif n == 2:

    self.operations.insert(pos, operations.ChangeCase.Panel(self,

elif n == 3:

    self.operations.insert(pos, operations.Move.Panel(self, main))

As you can see all the different functions have the same variables, so
it would be easier if I could just make a list and use that.

like this:

list = ["Replace", "ChangeCase", "Move"]
textVariable = list[n]
self.operations.insert(pos, operations.[textVariable].Panel(self,

Is something sort of like that possible?


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