Cleanly exiting multi thread application on SIGINT

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Fri Mar 23 14:32:03 CET 2007

"jrpfinch" wrote:

> Is the following the most elegant way to exit a multi-threaded
> application on a Ctrl-C?  I am a complete beginner and would have
> thought there was some way of doing it without having to use while 1:
> pass, but have yet to find a way.

> def main:
>    wt = workerThread()
>    wt.setDaemon(True)
>    wt.start()
>    ct = counterThread()
>    ct.setDaemon(True)
>    ct.start()
>    try:
>        while 1:
>            pass

you could at least insert a time.sleep(1), to avoid busy-looping.


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