merits of Lisp vs Python

Paul Rubin http
Thu Mar 8 19:36:40 CET 2007

"Chris Mellon" <arkanes at> writes:
> Any *real* hosting provider is going to support whatever
> language and environment I tell them to, because I'm going to pay them
> a lot of money for excellent support and if they give me any trouble I
> will go with someone who provides what I want.

Hosting providers are generally not in the business of doing anything
like that, except the low end ones that mostly support PHP.  

> What was *meant* was low priced, zero maintenance, reasonably reliable
> consumer level hosting. Thats a totally different market, it's not
> "industrial strength", and it doesn't merit the emphasis on *real*
> provider. And it is true that in that realm Python is not well
> represented.

Python is not so well represented in "industrial strength" hosting
either; that kind of hosting generally leaves language support up to
the customer.

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