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> Oops! The problem isn't in the os.system call. It's in the fact  
> that I don't call the function. That is, I write a script called  
> "test.py" with a function in it called "freshReboot". Now, how do I  
> call that function from test.py? That is, how do I write a cron  
> event such that "freshReboot" actually gets called when I run test.py?
> TIA,
> Eric

 >>> Eric - to call a function that is located inside another module  
you first need to import that module into the program you are running:

from test.py import * # this would import all functions from test.py
from test.py import freshReboot # this will import freshReboot from  

to call freshReboot in your program you would simply call it by it's  
name freshReboot

ex: x = freshReboot()
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