PyPy 1.0: JIT compilers for free and more

Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Mar 28 23:51:56 CEST 2007

On 28.03.2007, at 23:36, Jarek Zgoda wrote:

> Carl Friedrich Bolz napisał(a):
>> Welcome to the PyPy 1.0 release - a milestone integrating the results
>> of four years of research, engineering, management and sprinting
>> efforts, concluding the 28 months phase of EU co-funding!
> So it took 4 yars of work and over 2 yaers of consumption of EU funds,
> yeah, great.
> Could anybody explain, what this gives to Python and its users? Would
> we, eventually, get GIL-free VM, that is capable to consume all
> available power of multicore processors? Or, maybe, we'll get  
> something
> special, I am unable to dream of? Or is it purely academic project to
> create Python VM in Python?

It will eventually give you a GIL-free VM, and it already gives you
a lot more than you have dreamt of.

There is one feature missing that is probably hard to add.
Handling the 'posters who are not willing to read before they post'  

cheers - chris

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