Need help to learn Python

Eddie Corns eddie at
Mon Mar 26 13:00:07 CEST 2007

"wesley chun" <wescpy at> writes:

>with that said, i would still like to state that the book's target
>audience is for people who know how to program but need to pick up
>Python as quickly as possible.  the "theory" that's in the book is
>really more explanation of how the Python interpreter works,
>especially the relationship between objects and memory management.
>the goal is to give you enough of an understanding of how Python works
>"under the covers" that you will write very effective code, even as a
>beginner to the language.

Worked for me.  The 1/e was the easiest intro to a language I've ever read.
(I don't suppose you fancy doing one for Ruby :)


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