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John Henry john106henry at
Mon Mar 19 19:30:32 CET 2007

On Mar 19, 5:08 am, "king kikapu" <aboudou... at> wrote:
> Hi to all folks here,
> i downloaded and "playing" with PythonCard and i just want to share my
> thoughts so maybe we can discuss a little about it.
> I was used to wxGlade before and i think PythonCard is even better.
> I like the separate implementation of GUI and Code that PythonCard
> provides, i also like the "binding system" so you can bind functions
> to events and have them executed at runtime.
> I also like that it does not force you to use sizers and all that
> stuff and that you can freely place your components on the form and
> set their exact position just with the mouse.
> The only "problem" i see with this design is that by that separation
> of Gui/Code, you loose the intellisense that (ex. PyDev) some editors/
> plugins can provide because in the .py file nothing is indicating
> that , for example, the btnDoWork is a Button object.
> This force you to remember many properties and switch back and forth
> between your code and the wxPython help file. This is not the case for
> wxGlade because all boilerplate code is in the same file (for good and
> for bad) and PyDev (and others too) can "understand" for which kind of
> objects we are talking about and so can display -and thus help us-
> with their properties.
> Apart from that, everything else is great.
> Any opinions/suggestion on all this ?

(If I understand your question correctly)

There is no restirction on what you call your objects.  For instance,
I do call all of my buttons btnSomeThing, and so forth.  If you use
the codeEditor that comes with Pythoncard, you can easily see which
method goes with what control.

(And yes, I wish there are more developers drawn to Pythoncard too -
it's such a nice package).

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