Communicating with a DLL under Linux

Mikael Olofsson mikael at
Wed Mar 14 11:02:05 CET 2007

Thanks for all the responces, both on and off list.

So, I should forget about the DLL, and if I intend to connect the thing 
to a Linux computer, I'll have to develop the code myself for 
communicating with it over USB. Fair enough. I might even try that.

I've done some surfing since yesterday. Why do I always do that after 
asking stupid questions in public? It turns out that a Nicolas Sutre has 
already ported the thing to Linux:

Velleman links to his solution from their product page

which might mean something. Nicolas solution is only 250 lines of C 
code. It #includes a usb.h, so I guess a lot of its functionality is 
hidden there. It seems structured enough, so I might be able to find 
some inspiration there.

I guess I have some reading to do before I can decide if I shall do this.

Anyway, thanks once again for the responces.

Not completely in dispair...

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