What is the best way to upgrade python?

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Thu Mar 22 20:18:37 CET 2007

yinglcs at gmail.com wrote:

> i am using red hat enterprise 4. It has python 2.3 installed. What is
> the best way to upgrade to python 2.4?
> I think one way is to compile python 2.4 from the source, but I can't
> remove the old one since when i do 'rpm -e python', i get error like
> 'failed dependencies'.

Install Py2.4 and actually start using it, are two different animals.

For example, I have installed Py2.4 and Py2.5 in my laptop. They
coexist, and there's no problem about this.

Telling all your installed applications to use the newer, it's not so
easy, mainly because you don't have the power to test and change every
installed application.

So let them be. Just install the new version, and use it.


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