Recommended FastCGI module?

Jon Ribbens jon+usenet at
Wed Mar 7 18:43:32 CET 2007

In article <EqCHh.5535$M65.1150 at>, John Nagle wrote:
> Jon Ribbens wrote:
>>>	The "JonPy" version:
>>>	Last revised in 2004.
>> I'd recommend my one, but it's just possible I'm not impartial ;-)
>     Does it work with current Pythons?  (2.4, 2.5)?  I'm mainly
> concerned about the abandonware problem with some of them.

Yes, I use it myself in my day job, where we have recently upgraded
to Python 2.5. jonpy itself hasn't been revised for a while because
there have been no revisions I felt necessary. There may be a new
version released in the next couple of months, but there won't be
any major changes.

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