Python COM called from VB/Delphi

Larry Bates lbates at
Thu Mar 15 01:17:12 CET 2007

I have a rather large Python class that I've converted to
a COM object.  I can dispatch (using either Python or VB)
and call the methods perfectly.  Now a new client wants
to call it from Delphi.  Can anyone out there give me
any pointers on how that would be done.  Are there any
"gotchas" about the way arguments or return values
would need to be different for Delphi.  I have NO Delphi
experience so I'm completely lost.

Secondly, I need a callback function in VB (progress
meter) that I can pass to Python COM object to show
progress of https: uploads.  I've tried a bunch of
different things, but am getting nowhere.  Anybody
know how to accomplish this?  I need a class that
has start(), progress(total, count), complete()
methods that is called from my Python COM object.
I got one working in Python by using win32's
win32com.server.util.wrap/unwrap functions but
the VB one has got me stumped.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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