merits of Lisp vs Python

Brian Adkins lojicdotcomNOSPAM at
Thu Mar 8 06:12:46 CET 2007

alex23 wrote:
> John Nagle wrote:
>> Hosting providers and distro
>> makers aren't concerned over whether Python works.  They
>> care if C, C++, Java, PHP, and Perl work, but not Python or LISP.
>> Ask them.
> Do you have any real experience with recent linux distros? Or with any
> _real_ hosting providers?
> Because what you've said is clearly not true. Just because the
> situation isn't as easy _for you_ as you would like, doesn't mean that
> Python is being ignored to the extent you're trying to claim.
> -alex23

alex23 - please don't feed the trolls.

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