merits of Lisp vs Python

John J. Lee jjl at
Wed Mar 14 21:22:47 CET 2007

"Graham Dumpleton" <Graham.Dumpleton at> writes:
> On Mar 11, 12:31 pm, j... at (John J. Lee) wrote:
> > mod_python relies on an unsupported feature of Python, namely
> > multiple interpreters --> risk of more pain with C extensions.
> As usual, those bashing up on mod_python tend not to really know what
> they are talking about. :-(
> Although multiple Python interpreters cannot be manipulated directly
> from within a Python script, they can from the Python C API and it is
> very much a feature of Python and has been for a long time.

I didn't dispute that multiple interpreters are a feature of Python.
I said that they are an unsupported feature -- at least, Martin
v. Loewis says they're "just broken", which is close enough for me:

In any case, it looks like that the "multiple interpreters" feature of
Python is just broken.

> Even so, to get such a C extension module working in the context of
> mod_python simply means telling mod_python to run that particular
> application in the first interpreter instance by specifying the
> mod_python directive:
>   PythonInterpreter main_interpreter

Is it possible to ask mod_python to start separate processes to serve
requests, rather than "separate" interpreters?  We couldn't see a way.


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