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Patrick Vrijlandt nieuws.pv at
Thu Mar 22 00:21:23 CET 2007


It seems that space.Folders["DailyGoodEmails"] might be a valid expression;
otherwise you might have experiment with

HTH, Patrick

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On Mar 21, 2:15 pm, "liam_herron" <liam_her... at> wrote:
> Say I want to open a shared email inbox (named "DailyGoodEmails") that 
> is different from my default Outlook inbox, how do I specify this?
> Currently, I would do:
> s = Dispatch("Outlook.Application")
> space = s.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
> inbox = space.GetDefaultFolder(6)
> myFolder = inbox.Folders[9] #open the folder i want
> I have no idea where the "6" comes from but I want to be able to 
> specify "DailyGoodEmails" somewhere and be able to iterate over the 
> emails.

I don't know how to do this, but I found you a couple websites that should
point you in the right direction:

Hope that helps.



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