Anything available that can read Microsoft .MDB files from Python?

John Nagle nagle at
Mon Mar 19 22:34:39 CET 2007

kyosohma at wrote:
> On Mar 19, 2:45 pm, John Nagle <n... at> wrote:
>>Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
>>>John Nagle schrieb:
>>>>  I'm looking for something that can read .MDB files, the format
> I've read .MDB files using ODBC. I don't know how big your files are,
> but I had a file with almost 3000 rows and I was able to fetch it in
> 1-2 seconds. If you want to give it whirl, you just need to create an
> ODBC connection ....

     But that was on Windows, right?   ODBC is just a connection
mechanism.  You have to have a database of the right type to
which you can connect.  On Windows, there's Jet, the engine
behind Microsoft Access, but what do you connect to on Linux?

				John Nagle

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