[JOB] Sr. Python Developer, Northern VA

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Thu Mar 22 14:40:35 CET 2007

>>>>> "Anton" == Anton Vredegoor <anton.vredegoor at gmail.com> writes:

    Anton> Steve Holden wrote:
    >> Feel better now?

    Anton> Yes! But *now* I'm afraid it will have negative consequences for
    Anton> my future employability. However if it will lead to adjusting the
    Anton> kind of submissions at http://www.python.org/community/jobs/ it
    Anton> was probably worth it.

I think the steady increase in the number of active listings over the past
couple years bodes well for the job prospects of Python programmers as a
whole.  There are currently 99 job postings on the job board dating back to
mid-December.  A year ago there were about 60, a year before that, about 40.
A number of those companies seem to be fairly enlightened about the use of
open source software (search for "open").  You can't expect the world to
completely change overnight.  Most companies probably still funnel external
job postings through their HR departments.  As a result, a certain amount of
boilerplate text and corporate puffery is bound to turn up in many postings.
Be thankful they at least found the job board or comp.lang.python and aren't
just trying to recruit through traditional channels.  You'd probably never
see job postings for the Space Telescope Science Institute or The World Wide
Workshop for Children's Media Technology and Learning if they only appeared
in the Washington Post or New York Times.


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