distributing python software in jar like fashion

Gary Duzan mgi820 at motorola.com
Thu Mar 15 18:20:25 CET 2007

In article <Vs6dnZOY8sSDM2XYnZ2dnUVZ_rqhnZ2d at comcast.com>, alf  <ask at me> wrote:
>I have a small app which consist of a few .py files. Is there any way to 
>distribute it in jar like fashion as a single file I can just run python 
>on. I obviously look for platform independent solution.
>Thx in advance, A.

   There is a new package that has been discussed here recently
called Squisher that should do what you want by packing things into
a single pyc file. There are still some minor issues that need to
be ironed out with running the pyc directly, but it should do
exactly what you want Real Soon Now.


					Gary Duzan
					Motorola CHS

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