Project organization and import

Martin Unsal martinunsal at
Tue Mar 6 08:57:18 CET 2007

On Mar 5, 10:06 pm, a... at (Alex Martelli) wrote:
> My favorite way of working: add a test (or a limited set of tests) for
> the new or changed feature, run it, check that it fails, change the
> code, rerun the test, check that the test now runs, rerun all tests to
> see that nothing broke, add and run more tests to make sure the new code
> is excellently covered, rinse, repeat.  Occasionally, to ensure the code
> stays clean, stop to refactor, rerunning tests as I go.

>From the way you describe your workflow, it sounds like you spend very
little time working interactively in the interpreter. Is that the case
or have I misunderstood?


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