How to tell easy_install that a package is already installed

Charles Sanders C.delete_this.Sanders at BoM.GOv.AU
Wed Mar 21 08:22:52 CET 2007

I  am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this. If it is not,
could someone pleas point me to a more appropriate newsgroup.

I am attempting to install dap.plugins.netcdf using easy_install
on HP-UX 11. As a user, I do not have access to root so have
followed the easy_install recommendation to set up a "virtual"
python, as described at

and this is mostly working well. One of the dependencies, numpy
is already installed, but easy_install does not detect this, and
tries to install numpy, which fails with many compilation errors.
(numerous pointer type mismatches, undeclared functions like
rintf that do not exist on HP, ...) I could try to install numpy
myself from the tar.gz file, but this seems pointless since it is
already installed.

Is there any way to tell easy_install that numpy is installed, while
still installing any other dependencies ?

Would the best option be to just use the --no-deps option and see if
it works ?


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