Problem with Packages

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Thu Mar 8 09:50:16 CET 2007

En Thu, 08 Mar 2007 05:26:45 -0300, Srikanth <sri1025 at> escribió:

>> It appears that you forgot the basic rule: a package is a directory with
>> an file (even if empty).
> Exactly right. I didn't know that is a mandatory one.
> Thanks for pointing out.

You may want to review this section on the Python Tutorial, covering  

>> You need 4 of such files here.
> Thanks again for saying 4, cause I would have definetly put only 2
> (inside dir1_1 and dir2_2)

That was absolutely intentional :) so you had to figure out *where* to put  
the files...

>> Maybe PyDev plays some tricks with PYTHONPATH or something...
> I got the same doubt and I checked PyDev before posting, the
> PYTHONPATH is exactly the same but I didn't notice or rather
> overlooked file it created automatically when I created
> packages using the dialogs.

Ah, those automagical tools...

> Thanks you Gabriel!

I'm glad you found it helpful!

Gabriel Genellina

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