Anything available that can read Microsoft .MDB files from Python?

John Nagle nagle at
Tue Mar 20 18:44:51 CET 2007

Shane Geiger wrote:
> Try installing it from source.  Perhaps getting a newer verion is all 
> you would need.  If at that point you find there is a bug, report it.

    I did.

    I finally got MDBtools to build by throwing out all the "configure"
stuff and the makefiles, then writing some simple makefiles of my own
that just build the command line tools.  The supplied build files
fail if you don't have bison, flex, autoconf, etc., although the
documentation claims otherwise.

    There are some nice little command line tools in there,
fighting to get out from under all the guck.  The original
author intended, I think, to build this thing up into a full
database module for .MDB files.  But that was back around 2004
and never got done.  So MDBtools doesn't have enough stuff
to directly interface to MDB databases as databases, but
it has too much for a file format converter.  It's the extra
guck that has portability problems.

    I posted the makefiles I used to the MDBtools forums on

				John Nagle

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