Fortran vs Python - Newbie Question

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Mon Mar 26 15:40:49 CEST 2007

On Mar 26, 8:20 am, "Noma... at" <Noma... at> wrote:
> OK...
> I've been told that Both Fortran and Python are easy to read, and are
> quite useful in creating scientific apps for the number crunching, but
> then Python is a tad slower than Fortran because of its a high level
> language nature, so what are the advantages of using Python for
> creating number crunching apps over Fortran??
> Thanks
> Chris

While I have never personally dealt with Fortran, I looked it up here:

The code examples speak for themselves. I recommend you look those
over and then look over similar simple program written in Python.
Python is still easier to read. Fortran also appears to be a compiled
language, whereas Python is an interpreted language. Thus, Python
programs can be tested faster. Fortran programs will likely run faster

Check out for good examples of Python code for the
beginner and the advanced programmer.


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