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> I have a problem I wonder if it has been solved before.
> I have a dictionnary and I want the values in the dictionnary to be
> annotated with the rank that would be obtained by sorting the values
> def annotate_with_rank(my_dict):
> 	....
> 	return my_annotated_dict
> In other words, any value a_value would become a 2-tuple
> (a_value,rank_of_a_value)
> I seek an elegant solution.

In your specification of the problem it is unclear what should be done
with duplicate values. My solution assigns every value a different
rank (starting from 0) such that the highest rank is len(my_dict) - 1.

def annotate_with_rank(my_dict):
    items = my_dict.items()
    items.sort(key = lambda (k, v): v)
    return dict((k, (i, v)) for i, (k, v) in enumerate(items))

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