python QT or python-GTK

Jon Van DeVries j23212 at
Sun Mar 18 22:55:47 CET 2007

** All the posts found in google are old.  I'm assuming new improvements have been made to both IDEs. **

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm a newbie.

1. Which one of them requires fewer lines to accomplish the same thing?
from what I understand QT it's just like Borland J-Builder. Meaning, you want a button, you draw it, then you double-click on it, a window opens up and you type events and behavior.
And with GTK, you just type everything.

2. Which one is cross platform? (Linux, MacOS, Windows,etc).

3. Which one has more widgets?

4. Which one is the easiest to pick up?  I tried perl-QT and oh boy that mother is cryptic.

5. Which one has a bigger support community?

6. or if you think both pythonQT and PythonGTK are junk please suggest the one you like/use? I work on a Linux platform with Python 2.4.

Thanks guys, I appreciate  your help.

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