Remote XML Parsing

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Sat Mar 31 16:49:39 CEST 2007

pyapplico at wrote:

> On Mar 30, 5:56 pm, Laurent Pointal <laurent.poin... at> wrote:
>> pyappl... at a écrit :
>> > How can I parse a remote XML file with Python?
>> > And what will I be able to do with this XML file in Python?
>> > Sorry if this is a noob-ish question.
>> You can process XML data with Python as long as you can get it - you
>> will be able to do what you want with it.
>> How do you access your remote file ?
>> ...more details would be welcome...
> Well I'll be happy to access in the way your comfortable with.

Net protocols -> urllib2 module
Local files (or network mounted files) -> open function
Remote call -> xmlrpc, omniORBpy, pyrpc...

Once you get the XML data... sax/dom/elementtree & Co (see Python docs, Dive
Into Python...).

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