Graphviz Python Binding for Python 2.5 on Windows?

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Tue Mar 6 17:26:09 CET 2007

On Mar 6, 8:39 am, "Nick Vatamaniuc" <vatam... at> wrote:
> On Mar 5, 5:16 pm, "Alex Li" <likw... at> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I would like to use Python 2.5 on Windows with Graphviz to generate
> > graphs.  I used yapgvb but it only requires Python 2.4 (won't work
> > with Python 2.5).  Other packages like pydot seems to be unmaintained
> > or requires custom building to be used on Windows (pygraphviz), which
> > I tried to avoid.  Any suggestions?
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Alex
> Alex,
> You can always pipe your dot file directly to the dot or neato
> executables using the subprocess method then read the output. This way
> you don't have to install yapgvb or other adapters and it will work
> with Python 2.5. But you will need to compose your dot file as a giant
> character buffer...
> -Nick V.

Not really a solution, but you can always install a virtual machine
with Ubuntu (or other linux flavour) where pydot is available for
python2.5 (sudo apt-get install python-pydot).


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