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> Probably you have already discussed this topic, but maybe you can
> stand touching it again briefly.
> Maybe properties aren't used so often to deserve a specific syntax,
> but I don't like their syntax much. Here I show some alternative
> solutions that work with the current Python, followed by a syntax
> idea, that may be better fit for Python 3.0 (but maybe changing its
> name it can be retrofitted into Python 2.6 too).

You miss this common way, that does not depend on metaclasses, nor base  
classes, nor custom decorators... The only drawback is the "deprecated"  
status of apply:

class Angle(object):

    def rad():
      doc = "The angle in radians"
      def fget(self):
        return self._rad
      def fset(self, value):
        self._rad = value
      return property(**locals())

(Hmmm... I wonder what the 2to3 conversion tool is doing in this case?)

Gabriel Genellina

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