PythonCard or Dabo?

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Mar 19 19:05:13 CET 2007

Kevin Walzer wrote:
> I'm curious to know what others think of these two frameworks for 
> building wxPython apps.
> PythonCard has been around longer, but its development seems to have 
> slowed. The last release, 0.8.2, has been out for quite awhile now.
> Dabo is newer and seems to have gathered a lot of buzz.
> Anyone try both? What's your preference and why? Is one more robust than 
> the other?
It's not just a matter of robustness. PythonCard is limited to GUI 
development, while Dabo is a fully-fledged application architecture 
intended to allow you to build complete suites. So not only does it have 
a superior GUI editor, it also has report development facilities and 
many other features that simply weren't envisaged for PythonCard.

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