why brackets & commas in func calls can't be ommited? (maybe it could be PEP?)

dmitrey openopt at ukr.net
Wed Mar 21 15:38:00 CET 2007

Hi all,
I looked to the PEPs & didn't find a proposition to remove brackets &
commas for to make Python func call syntax caml- or tcl- like: instead
result = myfun(param1, myfun2(param5, param8), param3)
just make possible using
result =  myfun param1 (myfun2 param5 param8) param3

it would reduce length of code lines and make them more readable, + no
needs to write annoing charecters.
Maybe it will require more work than I suppose, for example handling
of things like
result = myfun(param1, myfun2(param5, param8), param3=15, param4=200)
result =  myfun param1 (myfun2 param5 param8) param3=15 param4=200 #so
it needs some more efforts to decode by compiler

but anyway I think it worth.
+ it will not yield incompabilities with previous Python versions.


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