ANN: ActivePython is now available

Thomas Heller theller at
Thu Mar 15 18:59:57 CET 2007

Trent Mick schrieb:
> dan.shechter at wrote:
>> is ctypes supported on ActivePython for Windows x64?
> No.
> My understanding (from is that ctypes isn't 
> yet ported to Windows/AMD64.  That may have changed though.
> Trent

I have a patch for ctypes for Windows x64.  It cannot be integrated in the
Python SVN repository in the Python 2.5 branch because of the feature freeze,
so Python 2.6 would be the earliest.

I intend to release a separate Win x64 ctypes version soon (my plan is to
release this when Python 2.5.1 will be released, but this is totally
arbitrary); I still have to run more tests with it.


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