merits of Lisp vs Python

Brian Adkins lojicdotcomNOSPAM at
Thu Mar 8 08:01:15 CET 2007

Ken Tilton wrote:
> John Nagle wrote:
>> Brian Adkins wrote:
>>> John Nagle wrote:
>>> If you want to restart a debate, please go back and reply to some 
>>> serious post in the thread - don't hijack mine for your own evil 
>>> purposes and cut out the good parts - did you even see the movie?
>>    If you want to post jokes...
> fer chrissakes, it was the OP of "means what you think it means" who was 
> obviously doing Princess Bride and being reasonably funny,

Turns out John is having quite a tough time with Python web hosting (the 
thread has split off to a c.l.p only fork), so I'm going to cut him some 
slack. Maybe with some lovin' we can woo him over to c.l.l ;)

> Brian just 
> missed that it was deliberate.


> , try ...
> ....comp.lang.lisp. All the SBCL bug reports are starting to drag down 
> the mood of this NG.
> kt

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