Inserting '-' character in front of all numbers in a string

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Fri Mar 30 17:54:45 CEST 2007

On Mar 30, 10:38 am, "kevinliu23" <kevinli... at> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I want to be able to insert a '-' character in front of all numeric
> values in a string. I want to insert the '-' character to use in
> conjunction with the getopt.getopt() function.
> Rigt now, I'm implementing a menu system where users will be able to
> select a set of options like "2a 3ab" which corresponds to menu
> choices. However, with getopt.getopt(), it'll only return what I want
> if I input -2a -3ab as my string. I don't want the user have to insert
> a '-' character in front of all their choices, so I was thinking of
> accepting the string input first, then adding in the '-' character
> myself.
> So my qusetion is, how do I change:
> "2a 3ab" into "-2a -3ab".
> Regular expressions? :/

Regular expressions would definitely work. Here's a hack though:

tempInput = '2a 3ab'
tempLst = tempInput.split(' ')

output = ''
for i in tempLst:
   output += ('-' + i + ' ')

I'm sure there are many better and more elegant hacks than this.


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