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Jorge Godoy jgodoy at
Mon Mar 12 13:29:33 CET 2007

aleax at (Alex Martelli) writes:

> Hey, I'd just love to make it as easy as possible to get gmpy -- that's
> why I (shudder!-) even build and upload Windows installers...

Brave man! :-)

> OK, the .zip file IS there -- I don't know how to build .egg ones but of
> course I could study up on it -- can you suggest a URL?

The .egg is nice because it can be an already built binary.

The URL above contains examples and instructions on how to use setuptools. 

> To be usable on Windows w/o effort, the packaged format must contain a
> .pyd (and, on Mac, a .so, etc).  Can a .egg deal w/that?

Yes.  I have a .egg that has a .so here, for rpy ( 

> I need to find out w/certainty, because once I've uploaded a file w/a
> certain name I can't change the name, nor the contents -- the URLs on
> are meant to be permanent...

Hmmm...  I'd suggest you to build only locally then...  I don't like this kind
of "permanent" things.  They could have a flag "publish this" to make it
permanent and make the standard "unpublished".  Here's a suggestion for you to
forward there inside Google... ;-)

> OK, but since most Windows users don't have a suitable C compiler, and
> many Mac ones never bother installing the C compiler that comes with
> their OS DVDs, if I'm to make things easy I definitely need to pack up
> binaries.  How do I pack binaries (for dynamic link libraries) that need
> to be very different on Win, Mac, various Linux distros...?

One build per platform would be my choice.  Packing everything together would
make the package too big (specially if you start supporting other OSs). 

> Me neither, knowing near to nothing about setuptools (I'm not even a
> user of it...). Let's hope some expert does speak up -- I can't just
> freely experiment with uploads and the like...

Lets wait. ;-)

Thanks again,
Jorge Godoy      <jgodoy at>

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