Removing Python 2.4.4 on OSX

Robert Hicks sigzero at
Sun Mar 25 21:02:31 CEST 2007

On Mar 24, 11:53 pm, "js " <ebgs... at> wrote:
> The only way you can do is rermove python2.4.4's files manually.
> I suggest you to use MacPorts or Fink.
> With MacPort, you can uninstall python2.4 by doing
> $ port uninstall python24
> And Installation is
> $ port install python25

I try to like MacPorts but sometimes they don't do dependecies very
well. For instance, I have a newer version of Ruby installed and I
wanted to update a module through MP and it lists Perl5.8 as a
dependency and tries to install it. On Tiger, Perl is already at 5.8
so what the hey! It isn't the first time I have been hit with that


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