Technical Answer - Protecting code in python

flit superflit at
Thu Mar 22 06:59:46 CET 2007

I didn´t reply to the last D´Aprano reply just to avoid this kind of
social war.
And yes, I know that if I want 100% security I should not distribute
my code. And there is a better way that is not doing any code to be
more secure and bug-free (now I am using irony).
And no, I am not supporter of software patents, RIAA and DRM.

And Mr. Willems understood very well my problem and my condition. And
others too in the beginning of the post.
But look...after mr D´Aprano enters it starts this social warfare.....

So where is the troll?

In fact I think the heroes series was based in this thread (Hiros read
it and come back in time)
Because there is some people who have special DNAs that give powers to
see beyond their problems and environments, so they can read the post,
understand and give technical details, understanding this is not

About trolls:

No way I will do this question only to say to others:
"Look python can´t do this like xxxx does.."
"Look now I will active the "pet-people-living-in-welfare-trying-to-be-
political" in the list and they will join and sing songs about the

if you do a search in this group for this problem you will see more
political whining than answers in this type of questions...

Just look this post!! Seriously read one by one.... Begining ok.. 2
ok ,3 ok , 4 ok .. and bang..!!!

Going back in the beginning I said :

 "So PLEASE, don't try to convince me about the social / economical /
open source / give to all / be open / all people are honest until
prove contrary / dance with the rabbits... "

So who is failing to acknowledge the question? AND AGAIN someone will
search for "protecting python code" and will see the same whining and
political threads...
I think the python community is great, and I love the python language,
if you search for superflit in this group you will see that I love
python and the community, I am a newbie, but I am not imposing my
beliefs I am just saying that my reality is a little different and I
need a answer for a particular problem.
That is the reason because I always recommend people to travel out of
their CONTINENT, and stay more than 5 months living in another
I can elaborate a more "intelectual" answer but sorry. I have to work
at 6:00 am to pay my bills, and if I get unemployed there is no
welfare, nothing , nada, zero.
I believe in reincarnation, so next time I will aim better :)
For me this thread is closed, and I think this is the most crazy
thread in this list.
Thank you all, for the technical answers, and sorry if I insult anyone
directly or indirectly ( I am a political incorrect person)
That´s all folks..finito

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