XML Parsing

Laurent Pointal laurent.pointal at limsi.fr
Wed Mar 28 13:01:18 CEST 2007

pyapplico at gmail.com a écrit :
> I want to parse this XML file:
> As you might have guessed, I want to create files from this XML file
> contents, so how can I do this?
> What modules should I use? What options do I have? Where can I find
> tutorials? Will I be able to put
> this on the internet (on a googlepages server)?

See urllib2 module and its "missing guide".

> Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me.
> And yes I have used Google but I am unsure what to use.

About XML, to complete Amit link to ElementsTree, you may take a look at:

		(learn by example)

And look at:

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