Squisher -- a lightweight, self-contained alternative to eggs?

MonkeeSage MonkeeSage at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 00:23:30 CET 2007


What Adam is talking about has nothing to do with windows or *nix.
He's talking about packing one or more .py files into a single
archive, which can be imported just like the regular .py files. This
means you can distribute a whole bunch of module files/dirs as a
single .pyc file. It just makes it easier to have a single file to
distribute rather than a whole bunch, or a zip that one has to unzip
into a certain directory, &c. So you can have myscript.py +
myscriptfiles.pyc vs. myscript.py + somedepdir/ + someotherdepdir/ +

If you still don't get it, you don't need it.


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