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> Hi Everyone,
> I'm considering about generating some Python Bindings for C++
> libraries. What are considered the best tools for doing something like
> this? I know that there are SWIG, SIP, Boost.Python, and GCC_XML.

If you ask me than Boost.Python and Py++(
is the way to go. I collected few links to articles that compare between
different tools:

Until recently there was not big library written in C++, which was exposed
to Python
using different tools. Today there are two projects, which expose same
source code
 to Python. The exposed library is Ogre - a scene-oriented, flexible 3D
engine, pretty big
and complex project.

The first solution, PyOgre, uses SWIG, while the second one uses Py++.
The link I gave earlier contains links to the projects CVS's. It worse to
take a
look on them and compare.

P.S. Take all what I say with caution, because I am the author of Py++.

Roman Yakovenko
C++ Python language binding
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