Pycron for windows - please help

Al bernala at
Mon Mar 19 20:00:04 CET 2007

Hey all,

   I'm using Pycron for windows to run 5 scripts at various times of
the day, all of which work well.

I recently added a 6th job, a simply file copy operation, and it won't
run. Once the job is configured, I click the test execution button,
and it works fine. However, it won't run automatically.

I looked in the pycron.log file, and I noticed that for the entires of
my new job, I see "rc=4" and the end of each line. All other jobs have
"rc=0" at the end of the line. I assume then, that rc=4 is a reference
to an error code of some kind, but there is no information on this in
the readme.txt, at the pycron website, or here in groups.

Does anyone know how to troubleshhot this? Thanks in advance.


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