Fortran vs Python - Newbie Question

stef s.mientki at
Mon Mar 26 16:06:07 CEST 2007

>> You can get the speed of fortran in Python by using libraries like
>> Numeric without losing the readability of Python.
> Can you back this up with some source??
> Chris
Is this really the most important issue in your choice ?

As said by others, "Portability, scalability & RAD" as an advantage of 
Python are probably far more important.

And on the other hand Python is perfect as glue between Fortran and 
To emphasize that, I expect the number of lines in Python is at least 3 
times less than in Fortran.

I did some comparison between MatLab and Python  (Scipy) for real-time 
and for all my cases Pyhton van 3 .. 7 times faster than MatLab.

So I'ld suggest to start with downloading the Enthought edition of Python,
and you can judge for yourself within 10 minutes,
if it's fast enough.

Stef Mientki

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