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Tue Mar 20 19:51:12 CET 2007

On Mar 20, 1:31 pm, "gtb" <goodTweetieB... at> wrote:
> I am working with a tool called maxQ that generates jython scripts.
> The tool runs in
> C:\maxq\bin.
> Rather than clutter up bin I want to put the scripts and other .py
> scripts in
> c:\maxq\bin\testScripts.
> When doing so the scripts need to import from
> c:\maxq\jython, but can't find the modules.
> I tried adding c:\maxq\jython to the environment variable pythonpath
> but to no avail. Perhaps I missed it in Rossum's tutorial but is there
> a std prgrammatic way to specify a module directory?
> Could you, would you, recommend a text or another webpage for learning
> more (much more) about python?
> Thanx,
> gtb

I typically just import sys and then do a
sys.path.append(directoryPath). This basically makes whatever modules
in that path available at run time. If you need a beginners reference
book, I recommend "Beginning Python" by Hetland. "Python Programming
for the Absolute Beginner" by Dawson was a lot of fun, but he doesn't
get into the internals of the language like Hetland does. Once you're
a snake charmer too, you can "graduate" to the "Programming Python"
book by Lutz.


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