help!! *extra* tricky web page to extract data from...

Paul Rubin http
Wed Mar 14 01:54:37 CET 2007

Steve Holden <steve at> writes:
> I especially like the rems and conditions they ask you to acknowledge
> if you want to sign up as a worker:

Heh, cute, I guess you have to solve a different type of puzzle to
read them.

I'm surprised anyone is purporting to pay actual money for captcha
solutions.  The usual scheme I've herad (dunno if anyone actually does
it) is to feed the captchas you want to solve into a porn site, so
people give you solutions in order to keep viewing porn.  You then
funnel the solutions back to the forms you're actually trying to

I think captchas are proving reasonably effective as a speed bump but
they do get defeated all the time, whether through automatic means or

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