How to find <tag> to </tag> HTML strings and 'save' them?

mark at mark at
Sun Mar 25 19:04:01 CEST 2007

Hi All,

Apologies for the newbie question but I've searched and tried all
sorts for a few days and I'm pulling my hair out ;[

I have a 'reference' HTML file and a 'test' HTML file from which I
need to pull 10 strings, all of which are contained within <h2> tags,
<h2 class=r><a href="">Go Someplace</a></h2>

Once I've found the 10 I'd like to write them to another 'results'
html file. Perhaps a 'reference results' and a 'test results' file.
>From where I would then like to 'diff' the results to see if they

Here's the rub: I cannot find a way to pull those 10 strings so I can
save them to the results pages.
Can anyone please suggest how this can be done?

I've tried allsorts but I've been learning Python for 1 week and just
don't know enough to mod example scripts it seems. don't even get me
started on python docs.. ayaa ;] Please feel free to teach me to suck
eggs because it's all new to me :)

Thanks in advance,


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