Tkinter Toplevel geometry

Chris ceball at
Sun Mar 25 08:13:01 CEST 2007


If a user resizes a Toplevel window, or I set a Toplevel's geometry
using the geometry() method*, is there any way to have the geometry
reset to that required for all the widgets?

I think I found what I'm looking for in tk itself:
13.3. How can I clear the geometry settings for a toplevel?
If you want to have Tk resize your toplevel to what the toplevel
requires (ie: the user might have resized it, or a widget was
removed), use [wm geometry $toplevel].

* for instance, if I want to turn of Tkinter's automatic adjustment of
the window to fit all the widgets by doing something like
self.geometry(self.geometry()), is there any way to undo that?


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