cheese shop: tagging and dating

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Sun Mar 18 14:00:43 CET 2007

"metaperl.etc at" <metaperl.etc at> writes:

> The first thing I look at when examining a module is how often it is
> updated. Unfortunately, the entries there dont show this. Eg:
> Second, it seems that tagging is more popular than the hierarchical
> browsing method currently offered by Cheese Shop. Are there efforts
> underway to support a tagging interface for the cheeseshop?

I believe hierarchies are easier when there's a lot of information.  You go
browsing by topic.

If there are only tags available, you'd have to look for hundreds of tags to
see if none of the possible names for the "thing" has been used ("database",
"db", "relational", "orm", "mapper", etc.). 

Ammending the current hierarchic structure with an alternate tag interface
would be interesting, though.  But not making it the main interface or the
only one.

Tags are cool when they are few.  They are a nightmare when there are hundreds
or thousands of them to search for something.

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