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Wed Mar 21 17:56:12 CET 2007

First I wanna thanks the all people who gives good contribution to
this thread, thank you all..
Now I have something more to say:

OK, that kind of answer is what I was trying to avoid..

On Mar 21, 1:23 pm, Steven D'Aprano
<s... at> wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 06:36:16 -0700, flit wrote:
> > 1 - There is a way to make some program in python and protects it? I
> > am not talking about ultra hard-core protection, just a simple one
> > that will stop 90% script kiddies.
> Protect it from what? Viruses? Terrorists? The corrupt government? Your
> ex-wife cutting it up with scissors? People who want to copy it? People
> who will look at your code and laugh at you for being a bad programmer?
> Until you tell us what you are trying to protect against, your question
> is meaningless.

In this time I supposed someone took too much coffee..But will

> Is your program valuable? Is it worth money? Then the 90% of script
> kiddies will just wait three days, and download the program off the
> Internet after the real hackers have broken your protection.
> If it is NOT valuable, then why on earth do you think people will put up
> with whatever "protection" you use? Why won't they just use another
> program?

It´s doesn´t matter if it is the next BIG HIT Ultra-fast-next-google
thing or a programm to take control of my "pet-people-living-in-
It´s a technical question, If you can´t answer it ok, I will not
suppose that you are it or that, it´s not a personal question or

> > 2 - If I put the code in web like a web service, how can I protect my
> > code from being ripped? There is a way to avoid someone using my site
> > and ripping the .py files?
> Don't make the .py files available on the web server.

Now we have a real contribution to the thread. Thank You

> [penny drops]
> Hang on, you want us to believe that you're a serious computer programmer
> with a seriously valuable program that's worth "protecting", and you don't
> know that? I smell a troll.
> --
> Steven.

Again, you don´t have to believe, suppose or think anything about me,
are you capable to make any contribution? Technical one? Are you
sooooooo good and "serious" programmer that you did not develop your
personal skills, and thinks that winning an argument in internet is
the best thing in the world?

Thanks all,
the-money-from all)

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