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> Could some kind soul please recommend a few textbooks on Python 2.5
> and it's class library?

it's not necessary to have a 2.5 book that can introduce you to the
modules of the Python Standard Library (not all modules are [or have]
classes so "class library" perhaps is too restrictive a term).

the most significant additions to the std library in 2.5 are:
ctypes, sqlite3, xml.etree (ElementTree), wsgiref, cProfile

altho they provide new functionality, there are plenty of existing
modules in the standard library that are worth learning.  the main
reference guides to the standard library modules and their attributes
include: Python in a Nutshell and Python Essential Reference, both in
addition to the online library reference.

my book, Core Python Programming, is revised to 2.5, but focuses on
teaching you the core part of the language, features, objects, memory
management, development, good practices, some advanced topic coverage,
and presents lots of exercises.  however, it is not an exhaustive
guide to the standard library.  to find out more about it, check out
the reviews and notes on amazon as well as the book's website (see

hope this helps!
-- wesley
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